[Athen] FW: [Nfbnet-members-list] STEM Tutorials for blind students to be offered at the 2017 NFB National Convention

Zach zm290 at msstate.edu
Wed Mar 8 17:09:40 PST 2017

Hello President Gardner,

I wondered if your mentioning that some of us might make applicable
candidates for tutors might be an invitation of an application? If of
interest, I might be able to be convinced to provide a session in animal
biology/animal agriculture that aspiring veterinarians might find useful. Do
you know who I might talk to run this idea by?



Zachary Mason
M.S. Student
Animal and Dairy Sciences
Mississippi State University

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I am sure that you will find the STEM Tutorial announcement pasted below to
be interesting. It would be great if some of you will attend the NFB
convention and participate. Several of you have expertise that would be very
helpful if you would volunteer to join the list of tutors.

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Subject: [Nfbnet-members-list] STEM Tutorials for blind students to be
offered at the 2017 NFB National Convention

STEM Tutorials for blind students to be offered at the 2017 NFB National

Are you a blind student interested in studying Science, Engineering or Math?
Do you feel daunted by the prospect of doing lab work in a chemistry class
or producing visually readable results in a math class? Perhaps you're a
professional in a technical field who finds it challenging to produce graphs
and charts for sighted colleagues? If so, then come to the Convention of
the National Federation of the Blind and plan to arrive in time for Seminar
Day, July 10, 2017. On that day, the NFB in Computer Science, the NFB
Science & Engineering Division and the Student division will host the STEM
tutorial workshop. STEM educators and technologists will come from around
the world to help blind students and professionals learn to use a variety of
tools to help them excel in their chosen technical field. Best of all,
individual tutoring sessions will be offered throughout the week for those
folks who want one-on-one training from experts who are familiar with the
access technolog!
y they're teaching, as well as the technical field it's being used for.
The topics to be discussed and for which tutoring will be available include:

* access math in electronic materials directly or to convert it to braille,

* write math in formats directly accessible to sighted people,

* read STEM graphs, charts, and diagrams, and create simple graphics,

* Participate in chemistry, biology, physics, and engineering labs.

There is no charge to attend either the seminar on Monday or the tutoring
sessions throughout the week.
The seminar on Monday will give an overview of the technologies to be
taught, as well as an introduction to the tutors themselves. It is strongly
recommended that folks who are interested in participating in this
invaluable opportunity plan to arrive at the Convention in time to begin
participating in events on the morning of July 10, 2017.

For more information, contact:
John Gardner, STEM Tutorial coordinator at: john.Gardner at oregonstate.edu

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