[Athen] Section 508 Refresh - Now In Effect?

Jennifer Sutton jsuttondc at gmail.com
Tue Mar 21 16:28:53 PDT 2017


Having worked in a higher ed. institution, it was my experience that
legal folks wanted "just the facts" about which laws covered what. I
raised the issue hoping some folks would clarify on the list for those
of you who may need that information.

Public thanks to Steve and Gaeir for your thoughtful responses.

The law is a tool in our toolbox, but when it's used, in my view, it
should be used as/when intended.

I think it's very important to distinguish between ADA/504-related
issues vs. what's appropriate under Section 508. What I see in the
public sphere leads me to believe people are confused. While their
confusion (frequent conflation of things that should not be conflated)
may benefit people with disabilities, it happens to make me uncomfortable.

To this end, I intend to be on the Access Board's next telecon. on March 28:


and link to register:


Perhaps some of you will join me and ask for clarification there. On the
other hand, I expect most of you already know what does and doesn't
apply to you.

Fyi, instead of the public sector list Bevi cited, I'd recommend folks
be aware of this one that focuses on the higher ed. space:


If it needs updates, I imagine Laura would be glad to have some help.

Karl's list only goes through 2015, so it's not one I'd cite without
making that point clear to legal folks with whom I might communicate.

Btw, Bevi, I was in Washington until 2006 (very active in ADA regs. and
when Section 508 came into being). I've been around this space for some
25 years, so I have "cred." When I raise a point on this list, beyond
just posting articles, I have good reasons and a solid background. We're
on "the same side," even if we may have different approaches to
achieving the goal(s).

Best to all, and back to posting only articles,


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