[Athen] OmniPage Efficiency When Reordering Zones

Gaeir Dietrich gdietrich at htctu.net
Tue Mar 21 18:16:18 PDT 2017

Hi Adam,

I’m trying to understand your workflow.

(1) Draw zones in the order you want them to appear
(Are you drawing process zones or are you selecting the type for each zone?)

(2) Run OCR
(Are you selecting the On the Fly icon or are you using the Custom choice from the menu?)

At this point you are losing the reading order that you have defined, yes?

In the first step, I generally use process zones. In the second step, I generally use On the Fly, although Custom can work. I have not had issues with it changing the order on me. Are you maybe adding another step or choosing Automatic for the OCR? Automatic under the OCR will override your zones, so if you’re making that choice, that’s probably the issue.

I might offer another suggestion. I encourage alt media specialists to create two documents for each section. The first document contains just the main body of the text. The second document contains all the ancillary text (side bars, boxed matter, graphics and captions, footnotes, etc.). Both documents have page numbers so that the student can easily read the main text and then look at the ancillary text when it is convenient.

The workflow is to create two OCR files. In the first, zone just the main body—keeping the page numbers. Then zone just the ancillary text, again keeping the page numbers. I suggest that they be labeled 01_Chapter and 01A_Chapter. It is very easy to find the files, and it is simple to alt tab between the two. This solution is the best one I have found when you have those case studies to go across multiple pages, while also having the main text in between. Some students prefer all the ancillary material at the end of the chapter, but most like the two documents once they understand how it works.

Good luck!


Gaeir (rhymes with "fire") Dietrich
HTCTU Director


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Hi all,

My department is considering incorporating OmniPage into our workflow for making alt format materials. Right now, we use Abbyy. When handling multi-page documents where paragraphs continue from a previous page, we like to finish that paragraph, then recognize the page number, and then we continue with the main text. This way the middle of sentences isn't interrupted and the page number is still announced in the text.

With Abbyy, we just draw the boxes in that order and it remembers the order and uses it.

But I'm running into an issue with OmniPage where, even if I manually draw boxes in the order that I want, it will group them all together during recognition and thus save the page top to bottom. I can get around this by right-clicking on the recognized page, selecting ungroup, and then manually defining the zone order, but that takes a while to do for every page. Is there any way around this that anyone uses?


Adam J. Williams

Texas A&M University Disability Services

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