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Thank you for sharing Karen :)

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On Fri, Mar 24, 2017 at 10:06 AM, Karen Sorensen <karen.sorensen at pcc.edu>

> Hi A11ys,

> Here's a video of how a math instructor creates an Office Mix

> <https://youtu.be/WKfq1-ycOqU>. (6:30). She is using MS Office 2013, 64

> bit professional plus edition. You can see the actual LaTeX in the video of

> the math instructor creating the Office Mix, but there's no way to edit it

> or use MathType.(Thanks for the idea though Steve Noble!)

> Our screen reader tester is using Windows 10 laptop, NVDA 2017.1, Firefox

> 45.7 ESR plus has MathType and MathPlayer installed and configured to read

> for blindness (Thank you Brian Richwine!).

> But as you can tell from the earlier video I shared

> <https://youtu.be/GTZXRitnZ6g?list=PLy073wx7B4jLBAZlO0wtnGLujTsPlg_n1>,

> NVDA cannot read the math. We did test our configuration to make sure it

> could read MathType in a word document and it did with no problem.

> We also tried Windows Narrator screen reader just for kicks, but it can't

> read it either nor could it read MathType in a word document.

> From what Gaier Dietrich (Thank you Gaier!) said, we tested NVDA on LaTeX

> in a word document by toggling the mathtype to TeX and NVDA could read

> that, but it was LaTeX code which most of our math students don't know, so

> it wouldn't be helpful even if that's what Office Mix output, which it

> doesn't.

> So I think that's' the crux of the problem. .

> The Office Mix interactive editor creates LaTeX for input but the output

> is a display math version that's not accessible, so that seems to be the

> problem. I called the Microsoft Disability Answer Desk

> <https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/accessibility/disability-answer-desk>

> and they told me that Office Mix is still being tested and they welcome

> feedback <https://officemix.uservoice.com/>. I encourage any and all to

> give them some feedback about this, because otherwise Office Mix is

> accessible to screen readers, assuming the instructor narrates the slides

> well or provides the actual PPT.

> There are other types of interactive quizzes that can be created for

> Office Mix too that should also be tested.

> Thanks everyone!

> Best,

> Karen


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