[Athen] Heading 1 best practice: document vs web

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Yes, H1 can be used multiple times. You could, for instance, have an entire book section with multiple chapters, each using an H1 as the chapter head.

Also, in Word, the first H1 does not need to be the same as the document’s title (a required element for accessibility).


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I’m trying to put together a best practice handbook for our stakeholders. While H1 use is clear for webpages, I have not really been able to get a consensus answer on using Heading 1 in documents. Is Heading 1 always only used once to mark the title, or can it be used multiple times in a Word document? If the former, it seems to not fit well with the auto-generated table of contents, which pulls in H1, H2 and H3 by default…. What about book chapters vs book title?

True or False? Heading 1 can be used multiple times within a MS Word document assuming the rest of the headings are nested appropriately. (Unlike a webpage which only uses Heading 1 once per page).

If there is a definitive answer on using Headings in documents, can you refer me to them? I want to make sure I’m providing the best information.



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