[Athen] correct terminology -- audio description or video description

Sheryl E. Burgstahler sherylb at uw.edu
Wed May 3 07:54:26 PDT 2017

Is “video description” completely accurate?

First of all, what we are talking about is audio; the purpose of the audio is to describe content presented visually in a video presentation. This description leads me to prefer “audio description."

(grin) However, I can argue pros and cons for each terminology!!! As you can tell I have given this topic way to much attention…I know, get a life, Sheryl.


On May 3, 2017, at 7:02 AM, Bourne, Sarah (MASSIT) <sarah.bourne at mass.gov> wrote:

> Besides liking to align with the federal government terminology, I prefer "video description" because it refers to *what* is being described. "Audio description" refers to the format that description is being provided in, which leaves hanging the question of what I should call a text version of that description when needed by, for instance, someone who is deaf/blind.


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