[Athen] looking for accessible FTP application

John Gardner john.gardner at viewplus.com
Fri May 5 12:32:13 PDT 2017

Norm I just use my Windows File Explorer. Tab to the "address", press spacebar to open it, then type in ftp:// followed by the name of the ftp server. It will then give you the opportunity to log in anonymously or to give your log-on name and password. Then just use it to transfer files just as if you were doing it on your computer. The only problem I found is that it does not seem to want me to create folders. But I can paste in a folder from my computer, so that's not a problem.

It may open up another window when u browse through the folders. When you close all those windows, you are automatically logged off. Works fine and is quite accessible.

Good luck.


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I used ftp voyager for a decade or more. I am installing it on a windows
10 machine and my password from a decade ago does not seem to work any more.
Is there something simple, free or inexpensive that will just do the basics of uploading and downloading files??
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