[Athen] Blackboard Ally and captioning

Jiatyan Chen jiatyan at stanford.edu
Mon May 22 20:32:08 PDT 2017

Thanks to everyone who brought up the training aspect.

Joseph, in case you are still have room in your budget, write in staff time and money for campus readiness and at least 2 years of outreach. Not professional tech/web dev training, but rather, content author / faculty training -- they just need the basics of alt text, write link text, how to use heading formatting in WYSIWYG editor, use colours properly, upload the correctly formatted files, etc. The problem is that these authors have high turnover, "web" is not in their formal job description, don't use the same software, and have other pressing obligations especially if they are teaching. So your training staff has to chip away at these knowledge gaps by conducting small-scale on-site hands-on training.

Jiatyan Chen

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