[Athen] Title, tags, lang - where are they in a PDF document? Beginning or end?

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If you are going to combine the pieces of the document into one single document,, make sure that the title of the document, the initial view is set to Document Title and the language is plain English (not English US) in the first document. When you combine the documents they will “inherit” the Document Properties from the first document.

Keep in mind that when you do the accessibility check on the individual pieces, you’ll get errors for language and title. Just ignore them, focus on any problem areas and combine all documents once they are finished.

I’ve found this to be the most effective way of working with small pieces of the same document.

I also suggest naming each document fragment with a sequential numbering so that when you choose to combine the documents/insert them into the main document, you can select all of them and have them all fall into place in the main document.

I have been using either the <Document> or <DocumentFragment> Tag for each piece of the document I am working on so that the individual documents/pieces are easy to find in the final Tags Tree.

Cheers, Karen

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We are working on creating a scan of PDF documents, some of which are 100+ pages. Rather than scan the full document to find out if it is tagged, has a title and language we thought we might be able to do the first 5-10 pages but I'm not sure where the title, tag, lang data is stored in a PDF.

So my question is, is title, tag, lang attributes of a PDF stored at the beginning of a PDF or at the end?


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