[Athen] Advising Students with Disabilities

Zach zm290 at msstate.edu
Fri May 26 08:20:02 PDT 2017

I'm curious, in regards to being proactive, how much time is "reasonable"
for a student to provide advanced notice to the office they receive
accomidations from? I know this question is very vaguely worded and the best
answer is "depends," but I work as a mentor for Learning Ally's College
Success Program, and I'd very much like to provide sound recommendations or
logical ways to approach requesting accessible material to our students.

Personally, as a student, two months advanced notice is fair, but when we
start getting into eight or ten, as has been the case with one or more
institutions I've attended, it starts to get a little ridiculous. As a
mentor I feel it's my job to help students avoid choosing institutions where
this might happen. Is there publicly available information to help students
with disabilities assess the ability of a potential college to meet their

Zachary Mason

M.S. Student

Animal and Dairy Sciences

Mississippi State University

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