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Our group at the University of Washington has a budget to pay for captioning for some of our high impact videos. A unit can apply to have us create captions on a high impact video by following the process at the videos link on our website at www.uw.edu/accessibility<http://www.uw.edu/accessibility>. Sometimes we do the captions ourselves, but most of the time we pay for them through a state-wide contract with 3PlayMedia. Our process is efficient. People can apply at any time by filling out a web survey. We make an approval decision within a day or two and create the captions in a short period of time. We use this process to promote captioning so we continue to communicate with funding recipients about the multiple ways they can caption future videos.

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Hello all,

We are putting together a captioning process at our university. I’m having to incorporate that into my job. Presently, faculty pick and choose videos or movies they want to show in their classes with little regard for accessibility. They record their own using various tools, they borrow dvd’s from the library, they utilize Youtube links, etc. They do not vet them as far as I know. I would like to be able to tighten up the process by creating a form for them to fill out to get their videos captioned. I would hope they could provide proof of ownership or permissions so I don’t get in trouble for copyright infringement. We are looking at using CaptionSync and/or AMAC for doing the actual work. We are currently making it easier for faculty to record their own videos which may mean we will have even more to deal with in the next semester.

If anyone has a system in place, a form, a vetting process or just some advice, please pass it my way. I’m starting from scratch. Thanks so much.

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A faculty member just called me, explaining that her students were unable to obtain copies of Understanding Disability Law by Weber. That faculty member called the publisher (LexisNexis), who explained that there was a fire that destroyed copies. The publisher doesn’t have a copy of that book anymore, and may not reprint, as far as I understand. The faculty member called me to asked for my digital version of the book that she knows we gave to a student with a disability. I explained that I can’t give it to her, (to share with the class), without something form the publisher blessing that course of action.

I am especially intrigued, considering this situation is occurring in a Law, Societies and Justice course. I did point the instructor to the Kindle version of that book so she can relay that to her students.

So heads up – it may be possible if you are requesting books from LexisNexis that they may or may not have digital copies available. I don’t know any details about the fire.


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