[Athen] question on supporting faculty to make online courses digitally accessible

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1. In general training is not required at the University of Washington; our IT and teaching environment is distributed and such decisions are made locally. We provide optional training on accessible online learning through our group, Accessible Technology Services (ATS); we have delivered training to groups that include a special interest group for online developers/instructors; we work directly with leaders in our central unit that delivers a lot of programs offered online. In addition we have outreach/training on specific topics like web accessibility, document accessibility, and captioning videos. We also provide guidance on our website uw.edu/accessibility and through several discussion lists.

2. Canvas is our standard LMS. Those who teach courses about how to use Canvas as part of our central IT training unit have limited knowledge about accessibility and point participants to ATS for support.

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> Hello all,

> I'm looking for information about how schools are supporting faculty to make online courses digitally accessible. I'm especially interested in fully online courses but if that is integrated with how you support faculty for not fully online courses, that's good too. Questions

> 1. Does your school require any training for faculty before they teach fully/mostly online courses? If so, does the training include digital accessibility?

> 2. What technology staff support is available at your school for faculty who teach online courses? If there is any technology staff support, do those staff also have responsibility/knowledge of digital accessibility?


> If you could point me to info on this topic other than what your school does, that's appreciated too. Please feel free to reply to me at am2621 at hunter.cuny.edu <mailto:am2621 at hunter.cuny.edu>


> Thank you!!

> Adina

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