[Athen] Did anyone see this article in the USA Today?

Martin, Vincent F vincent.martin at gatech.edu
Wed Oct 25 13:57:07 PDT 2017

I am not remotely surprised that any "blind" student would encounter this a almost any school. The biggest impediment I have encountered in assisting students across the country is the "Arrogance and Ignorance" of the higher Ed administrations. Virtually all of them go the "compliance" route instead of the "inclusion" route which leaves huge gaps in their ability to provide accommodations. With the few number of students that are willing or able to provide a legal fight, the Risk management at the institution normally advises them to stall as long as possible. I am working with a student at a school that is on their "4th" Civil Rights complaint with the Department of Education with their particular institution. They are about to sign an agreement to rectify the third one, while the fourth one is the most egregious. It is for "retaliation" that the school engaged in against the student after the first two complaints were mitigated and resolved. Of course this is a top tier "elite" university, but drops the ball in many aspects of educating its students.

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