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When we have created foreign language course materials for blind students going from English to other languages the descriptions of images would be in English because usually they were looking for the answer to be given in the language that the class is teaching. So I'm guessing that for your student you would need to have somebody that uses their first language that can describe the images.
Did the student use a localization of jaws in their native language before? If not to make the transition easier you may need to look into obtaining the Screen reader that they used. Most screen readers will switch between languages so long as the markup is available in the document for the language. Also if the student uses a braille display having a screen meter that is localized to their first language means that the braille code that they are used to will be available to them. Other language codes can be far different than English.
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> I am wondering if anyone has experience in course development for blind students learning English as a second language. I am working with a student who knows little to no English who will be taking entry level English classes. The biggest obstacle we face is how to present the visual course material (pictures, flashcards, etc.) in a way that is as enriching to her as the rest of the class. She will be using JAWS, potentially a braille display and we are looking to hire an assistant to aid her in class.


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