[Athen] Printing Braille in a durable format - help or referral requested

Forman, Tracey traceyf at disability.tamu.edu
Thu Sep 21 14:49:18 PDT 2017

Our office has partnered with a student on campus to create a tactile map with a 3D printer to be placed in our student center. We have created a building reference key (3 pages of Braille) for the map in Duxbury. We would like to have it printed in a durable Braille format since it will be available to the public in a high traffic area.

Our Braille printer (ViewPlus Tiger Pro) only takes Tractor feed paper. I can't find any tractor feed plastic Braille paper, only single sheets (to put in a Braille Writer or for use with slate/stylus or to use with tactile graphic tools)

Image attached for reference. The paper key is mounted on the right side of the display with a top ring binding.

Do any of your offices have the ability to print on plastic paper or on thermoform (11.5x11")? If so, could I possibly send you the DBT file and specs for the print job and pay you for the time and supplies? We are interested in printing 5 copies of the key (3 pages each) with a cover page.

Or do any of you know of a vendor that could help us with this project? I've checked with a few today and so far none of them print on anything other than Braille paper.

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