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The read&Write 4-part webinar starts a week late and is:</p>

<p>Tuesdays October 10, 17, 24 and 31</p>

Important! There are some scholarships available for the Read&write
4-part webinars from:


EASI Four-part Fee-based Series: `Read&Write 4-Part Webinars

Tuesdays: October 10, 17,24 and 31

Times: 11 Pacific, 12 Mountain, 1 Central and 2 Eastern


•Shaun Pate, Alternate Media Specialist from Cleveland University

•Roberrt Lee Beach, Assistive Technology Specialist at Kansas City
Kansas Community College

Description: This 4-part webinar will highlight some of the key features
of the program Read&Write. The areas of support offered by Read&Write
are: reading tools, writing tools, study tools and research tools. Due
to time constraints, it is not possible to show all tools in action.
However, most of the tools will be demonstrated via video clips and the
rest will be discussed. The Windows version will be used for the

Session 1, General Overview and program setup:

This session will give the overview of the program and will demonstrate
setting up the toolbar as well as the speech options. There are several
features that can be adjusted and these will be discussed.

Session 2, Reading Tools:

This session will focus on the reading tools available in Read&Write.
There are several tools available to support reading in Word, PDF and
web documents. The various settings will be discussed.

Session 3, Writing Tools:

This session will demonstrate and discuss the tools that support the
writing process. Tools such as spell checking, homophone checking, word
prediction, etc., will be included.

Session 4, Study and Research Tools:

This session will cover the last two support areas of Read&Write. The
program includes several tools to support the research and study
processes. This session will also allow time for wrap-up on the entire

The presenters expect to use desktop sharing to better demonstrate how
the application works. While desktop sharing is not accessible to screen
reader users, the presenters will take special care to discuss what they
are doing which will enable users of screen readers to envision what
they are missing.

Please go to the webinar promo to read more and register:

http://easi.cc/clinic.htm and look under October.


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