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Hi Colleagues,

I said that I would post my findings on Tableau data visualizations and accessibility once our staff met with one of our IT Staff who works on Tableau. Some of the details are code-related but here is his feedback below, prefaced by my comments. I think what we’re realizing is that it’s important to include descriptions of what the visualizations are representing, that is, to include text that describes trends that the data visualizations are showing since a screen reader user will not be able to intuit the graphs or visualizations via screen reader.

Info from our Tableau programmer:

I read through the Accessibility guide for Tableau:

I learned several things:
1. Dashboards that contain less than 1000 “marks” or dashboards created with ?render=true are client-side rendered. Those are supposed to be WCAG-conformant, versus server side-rendered dashboards. Therefore, I suggest you tell IR to put ?render=true on the urls they are using for their visualizations.
2. Tableau has a set of keyboard controls. They are described here:https://onlinehelp.tableau.com/current/pro/desktop/en-us/access_keyboard_navigation.html.
I suggest web accessibility staff read them and tell us if they make any sense to them. If so, you may want to have that link put in as accessible help.
3. According to Tableau:
"The view toolbar is not currently supported for conformance, so you need to hide it in the embedded view. To hide the view toolbar, set the toolbar parameter in the embed code to no. For example:
<param name='toolbar' value='no' />"
4. They have a color blindness palette. Customer might want to use it.
5. Other than these recommendations, their basic advice is to make dashboards simpler, clearer, with more aggregation, more explanation text and clearer options. In other words, basic usability.

In conclusion, I saw no magic bullet but we should test if anything changes when IR uses “?render=true” in their URLs and we might want to test the keyboard controls.

I hope this helps,

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hello: i would also love to see what you find thanks

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Hi Sharon,

We are evaluating accessibility of some Tableau visualizations currently with one of our departments. We’d be happy to share some information. We’re meeting with a developer in our IT department who works on Tableau and can follow up with information after that.


Kathy Cahill
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The last discussion I can find in the ATHEN archives is from 2015. My understanding is that the latest version of Tableau implemented some significant accessibility improvements.

Does anyone have recommendations for creating accessible visualizations with Tableau? I’ve found significant issues with screen reader access when trying to read data visualizations. Even though the data points appear in text on mouseover, they don’t seem to be available to the screen reader.

Does anyone have experience with Narratives for Tableau (https://narrativescience.com/Partners/Business-Intelligence/Tableau) which claims to create automated explanations of the visualizations?



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