[Athen] TODAY: International Disability Activism Across Intersections - 17 August 2018

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Thu Aug 16 21:03:24 PDT 2018

You are invited to attend and participate in a special forum entitled

*Perspectives on International Disability Activism Across Intersections*

Friday 17 August 2018
1:00 P.M. to 5:00 P.M. (Eastern)
Dockser Hall, Room 240
Northeastern University School of Law
Boston, Massachusetts
United States

*(Livestream access information below.)*


This forum, with active online and livestream participation, is a
pre-conference event for the biennial Disability Intersectionality Summit,
which is hosted this year with the sponsorship and support of the Autistic
Women & Nonbinary Network <http://www.awnnetwork.org>. (Please note: The
main summit will take place this fall in October.)

The forum will focus on disability and its intersections with race,
ethnicity, gender, and sexuality, in non-U.S. contexts, with the joint aims
of U.S.-based activists/organizers/advocates learning from our counterparts
outside the U.S., and building stronger connections with leaders and
organizations abroad for future collaborations.

We are grateful to the generous support of Northeastern University School
of Law's Program on Human Rights and the Global Economy
the Women's
March <https://www.womensmarch.com/>, and Brandeis University's Lurie
Institute for Disability Policy <http://lurie.brandeis.edu/> for making
this pre-conference forum possible.

You may RSVP on our Facebook page
<https://www.facebook.com/events/648628372202365/>, and buy tickets in
advance <https://dis-pre-conference.eventbrite.com> or at the door. Suggested
cost is $25.00 or whatever you can ― no one will be turned away online or
in-person for lack of funds.



*Sarah Jama* is a Somali-Canadian community organizer from Hamilton,
Ontario. She is co-founder of the Disability Justice Network of Ontario
(DJNO) and holds a Social Sciences degree from McMaster University. Her
lived experiences have fostered interests and a passion for: community
engagement, disability justice, and activism.

*Khairani Barokka* is an Indonesian writer, poet, and artist in London,
whose work has been presented extensively in twelve countries. Okka has
received six residencies and multiple grants; among her honours, she was an
NYU Tisch Departmental Fellow for her masters, and is a UNFPA Indonesian
Young Leader Driving Social Change for arts practice and research.

*Kiran Anthony Foster* is a mixed-race immigrant sex worker living in
auckland, new zealand. a staunch prison abolitionist, anti-imperialist
marxist, and disability/queer rights activist, their continued history of
radical advocacy is informed by having been born into a culture of silence
as an autistic, psychotic and intersex child

*Freyja Haraldsdóttir* is a feminist disability activist and the founder of
Tabú, an intersectional feminist disability movement in Iceland. In her
work for Tabú she has focused on activism around reducing violence against
disabled people and building up platforms of peer support and empowerment
workshops and activism for disabled people of all genders.

*Finn Gardiner* is a tireless disability rights advocate, primarily
interested in educational equity, intersectional justice, comparative
policy, and inclusive technology. He holds a Master of Public Policy degree
from the Heller School for Social Policy and Management at Brandeis

*Maria (Conchita) Hernandez Legorreta* was born in Mexico and grew up in
California. She is currently a Doctoral student at George Washington
University pursuing a degree in Special Education. Conchita is founder of
METAS, a non-profit organization that trains educators in Latin America
that work with blind/low vision students and students with other

*Ayman Eckford* is a neurodiversity, disability justice and queer activist,
intersectional feminist and radical youth liberationist. They are autistic
multiple neurodivergent queer Jewish refugee born in Donetsk, in the east
of Ukraine, who moved to St. Petersburg, Russia after the outbreak of the
civil war.

*Lina Ekford* is autistic bisexual woman who live in St. Petersburg,
Russia. Together with her wife Ayman, she runs Autistic initiative for
civil rights and a number of projects about autism and disability.

*Shiri Eisner* is a bisexual, genderqueer, and feminist activist and
writer. She is also Mizrahi, vegan, disabled, an anarchist, a geek, a
metalhead, and a crazy cat lady. She is the author of the book *Bi: Notes
for a Bisexual Revolution*, the founder of the bi community in
Israel/Occupied Palestine, and a long time organizer in various local
social justice and radical left movements.

*Sara M. Acevedo* is an autistic mestiza, educator, and disability justice
advocate born and raised in Colombia. Sara holds a Masters of Liberal Arts
with a focus on Disability Studies from Temple University in Philadelphia
and a PhD in Anthropology and Social Change from the California Institute
of Integral Studies (CIIS) in San Francisco.

*Toril Heglum* is a feminist disability rights advocate who is Project
Manager for Empowerment and Supported Decision-Making at Uloba, Independent
Living Norway. She is also a former county elected official, and co-editor
of *Med Vitende Og Vilje*, on disability and discrimination.

*Mahlet Meshesha *is Advancing Leadership in Public Health Social Work
(BU-ALPS) Fellow at Boston University School of Social Work.

You can read much more about our speakers and their work on the forum's
website <https://goo.gl/qBTnYL>.

We hope to see you in Boston or online tomorrow!


*Access Information*

We will have ASL interpretation and CART captioning during the forum. We
are hoping to be able to confirm Russian and Spanish interpretation.

The entire event will be livestreamed. To attend via livestream, join
Tegrity <https://neu.tegrity.com/api/webcast/join/9024?anonymousKey=2599>
any time after the event begins. Livestream attendees may also access the
live captioning (English language) by clicking this link for CART

In-person and online participants are strongly encouraged to add to the
discussion via hashtags #DISInternational, along with #DIS2018,
#DisabilitySolidarity, #CripTheVote.

For attendees/participants in Boston, the building and rooms are physically
accessible, with accessible and gender-neutral bathrooms available.

Attendees/participants are asked to arrive scent/fragrance free for the
health, safety, and comfort of fellow attendees/participants. Similarly, no
FLASH photography will be allowed for the health, safety, and comfort of
fellow attendees/participants. There will also be a sensory break room
available on-site.

Parking is available within 0.5 to 1.0 miles distance from the site. Public
transit is accessible within 0.2 miles distance.

**This event will be ticketed* *
You may RSVP on our Facebook page
<https://www.facebook.com/events/648628372202365/>, and buy tickets in
advance <https://dis-pre-conference.eventbrite.com/>. You may also pay what
you can at the door.

Suggested cost $25.00 or whatever you can ― no one will be turned away for
lack of funds.

Donations to support this programming and making it accessible are welcome.
Please send donations to the Autistic Women & Nonbinary Network
<https://awnnetwork.org/donate-to-awn/> and indicate that the donation is
for the August DIS Pre-Conference Forum.

Please direct questions about this forum to Lydia Brown at
lydia at autistichoya.com or +1 202-618-0187.

*Lydia X. Z. Brown *
lydia at autistichoya.com
+1 (202) 618-0187

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about good bones: This place could be beautiful,
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