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Hi All,

This is a great article from Inside Higher Ed this morning, "Thought Leader Interview: Digital Accessibility's Moral Imperative<https://www.insidehighered.com/digital-learning/article/2018/01/10/thought-leader-interview-features-conversation-about-digital?mc_cid=84dfff1a82&mc_eid=5848b539de>." I don't think the title quite captures the discussion but the women interviewed express themselves clearly and I really like the tone and approach they use. Some great language suggestions for when speaking about accessible IT with faculty and admin.

MSU has a core value that is very similar to our inclusive excellence goal here at Shoreline. Here is her description:

"One of the core values of Michigan State University is inclusivity and inclusion. So for us we really talk about it, position it with our faculty and staff and other content creators, as a student success, as a social justice inclusive approach. So certainly litigation, lawsuits, that's a thing. But for us, it's most effective, and really speaks to the values of MSU, that we want our students to be successful. We're in education because we care about our students, all of our students."

Anyway - it's worth a listen or a read if you have a few "spare" moments! LOL


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