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Susan Kelmer Susan.Kelmer at colorado.edu
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I have gotten this with one book already this semester. At Accessing Higher Ground this past fall, I attended a session put on by Pearson in which two very young and ridiculously unprofessional presents babbled and bubbled on and on about how Pearson was going to ePub and would no longer be providing PDFs after a certain point.

Don't you just love it when a publisher decides what our students need and want?

I am having big push-back from students about ePub. Their BIGGEST frustration is a lack of page numbering or being able to go directly to page ___. Often they are in class, and all they have is this ePub they can access, and they can't go to the page being discussed by everyone else in the class.

You can still ask for the PDF, there should be a link in that email they sent back. But at some point, it sounds like Pearson is going to stop providing them, which is going to be a big problem for our campus.

Susan Kelmer
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Athen friends

Interesting scenario with Pearson. They sent me an email stating a text I requested was available as ePub through Vital Source. This has occurred at least a half dozen times. I replied back with the following:
The students I work with use Kurzweil for their reading. While I appreciate the fact that the ePub files are compliant and accessible, I do not think my students would even want to learn another process to access their books other than the PDF format I have been providing. This style of alternate texts does not meet the need of my students. I would like to know if there are PDF files available instead?
I am going to reply back to let them know we are a Kurzweil campus and re-request the title in PDF format.
Has anyone else had an issue with this and push back from Pearson?

Bryon Kluesner, RhD
Adaptive Technology Coordinator
Disability Resource Center
Adjunct Professor
College of Health, Education & Professional Studies

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