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Lisa Deneen ldeneen at clatsopcc.edu
Fri Jan 19 12:09:16 PST 2018


My campus is currently looking at replacing their ERS system (this is the system that operates almost all functions on campus, including the student portal). There were 4 companies that presented over the past 2 weeks - Unit 4, Campus Works (system is called Campus Nexus), Jenzabar, and Ellucian. I attend the pertinent parts of each companies presentation to ask accessibility questions, but we all know that sometimes the sales people's answers don't match the experience of disabled users (particularly students). Based on responses, I liked Campus Works (said currently meets 508 & WCAG 2.0 and was aware that new standards are being developed) and Ellucian (said they meet WCAG 2.0 AA). I found some comments in the Athens archives about Ellucian's student portal not being as accessible as they claim, but know this might be dated. I found no discussion of Campus Works' Campus Nexus. So, my question is - can people who use either of these systems tell me if they are as accessible as they say... are students running into accessibility issues using the portal? If they are, what kinds of issues? Have you found work arounds?


Lisa Deneen
Disability Services Coordinator

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