[Athen] issues with reading order in indesign and dc

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Which reading order?

The tag RO (Tag panel) or the architectural/construction RO (Order panel)?

There are situations where the Tag reading order will be changed in Acrobat.

1. If the architectural/construction Order is changed, the tag tree
will also be changed in most cases.
2. If the Autotag utility in the latest Adobe Acrobat is used, it will
re-evaluate the tag tree and retag it as well as change its reading order.
3. If you cut/paste items into the PDF (but you really shouldn't be
editing a tagged PDF to begin with).
4. If pages are added into an existing tagged PDF. (It can be done, but

In InDesign, the tag RO following the story threads so moving text frames,
cutting and pasting, and anchored objects will change the RO. The Articles
panel can affect the RO, too.

And the layers panel controls the architectural/construction RO, so
arranging front-to-back and other stacking order tasks will change that RO.

It's being planned that I'll be teaching an all-day pre-conference workshop
on InDesign and Accessibility at this fall's Accessing Higher Ground
conference. Good class for InDesigners who must make accessible PDFs from
their layouts. (Also it's the base for making accessible EPUBs from
InDesign, too.)

--Bevi Chagnon

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Has anyone experienced issues with pdf remediation in either indesign or dc,
where changes to the reading order get rearranged? The original document is
not available from my understanding. I've recommended that the document be
exported out from dc back to word. Does anyone else have any other
suggestions? Always more to learn?


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