[Athen] PDF remediation service recommendations?

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Some companies say they are US companies, but they really just have an
office here in the states. They send their content overseas for remediation.
Ask to see their corporate information, such as listing in D&B or a state or
federal government registry/database.

Some true American companies send content overseas, too.

So define that your content must not be transmitted outside the US, if
that's what you want.

And you must define what standard you want your documents to comply with
(such as PDF/UA-1), and additional features you want for your college, and
how many tests must be passed for the file to be accessible. Hint: just
passing the internal Adobe Acrobat Pro DC accessibility checker isn't enough
(it misses quite a few items).

A good checklist is published by HHS at

Also ask for a guarantee/warrantee on the documents; that is, if an
accessibility error is found within X months of delivery, the contractor
will correct it at no additional cost to you. Of course, if you want to make
edits to the document, that will be billable.


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We would like to experiment with sending out a few PDFs to a remediation
service or two. Has anyone out there tried any and have good/bad reports to

Thank you!


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