[Athen] Help finding Free and Accessible eLearning Design and publishing

Tristen Breitenfeldt tristenbreitenfeldt at gmail.com
Tue Mar 20 18:20:23 PDT 2018


I am a blind screen reader user (mostly JAWS) and I have a passion for
accessible eLearning. I currently work as an accessibility tester for a
large company, but in addition to my day job, I am trying to learn a bit
more about Instructional Design during my personal time, because I would
really like to balance my job of accessibility testing with some accessible
creation. I have a subscription to LinkedIn Learning and some other
training materials on the topic, but I do not have access to the technology
needed to design, build, and publish eLearning content. The problem is that
none of the free tools that I've found are accessible for course designers
(or they require far more technical knowledge than I have) and the one
accessible LMS that I know about (D2L) costs quite a bit of money.

I am not looking to sell the content/courses I create at first. My primary
goal at the moment is finding a platform to publish and share my creations
on the web (possibly with friends, family, and co-workers), while building
my knowledge and skills and having fun creating some accessible training

I know some HTML 5 and JavaScript, to create most of what I want (though an
accessible WYSIWYG) would be a nice option for those times where my
ambitions exceed my coding knowledge.

Does anybody know of one or two free accessible Learning Management or
Learning Content Management Systems that I can try out?



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