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Subject: [udhecop] STEM for All Video Showcase - is Live

Hello Everyone,

The <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/> STEM for All Video Showcase is
now live. The Showcase, which runs from May 14-21 highlights work being
done by federally-funded programs to transform STEM education.

This year, the AccessCSforAll (one of our other projects) submission will
bring attention to including students with disabilities in K-12 computer
science education by highlighting a blind student programming a robot using
Blocks4All. <https://dl.acm.org/citation.cfm?id=3051525> Blocks4All,
developed by UW CSE graduate student Lauren Milne, explores techniques to
make block-based programming accessible to students who are blind.

Check out our video, join the conversation, and cast your vote:
<http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1078> Accessible
Programming with Blocks4All

While you're there, check out other videos related to disability and from
our partners:

* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1193> Inventing,
designing, and engineering on the autism spectrum
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1089> Providing
equitable access to computing education in MS
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1322> IE
Capstone projects to benefit adults with disabilities
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1169> Project
TACTIC: Teaching All Computational Thinking through Inclusion and
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1155> APLU
INCLUDES: Broadening participation within STEM faculty
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1201> Project
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1095> Doing the
math with paraeducators
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1109> Expanding
Computing Education Pathways
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1250> RAISE:
STEM career development for incarcerated youth
* <http://stemforall2018.videohall.com/presentations/1211> Teaching
mathematics to struggling learners

Did anyone else submit a video? If you did please send the link so we can
check it out.


Lyla Mae Crawford, MS
DO-IT Program
UW Technology
University of Washington

606 W. Sharp
Spokane, WA 99201
(509) 328-9331 voice/TTY

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