[Athen] question on accessible windows application to read epub

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Yes, Adobe retooled the DPS technology in 2015 and rolled it into their
"Experience Manager" suite of tools.

It's kind of a hybrid type of technology that has proprietary features, is
finicky to produce, and costs the publisher $50,000 and up per year for a
license, so it is priced out of the range of all but the largest publishers.

A close colleague who used to work for a major household name publisher said
that each monthly edition of their publication cost the firm $250,000 in
labor costs alone, and that Adobe's engineers worked on some of the coding
for free so that they could showcase the publication on their website.

That has to tell you something about the technology!

Better publishing technologies are out there.

See this website for a decent review. Note, however, that accessibility
isn't mentioned. https://www.readz.com/digital-publishing-platforms-tools

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Some people have had trouble with Digital Editions locking up on them.
Also, I could be wrong but it is my understanding that Adobe is no longer
updating the program -- so probably not the best choice.


At 12:04 PM 5/29/2018, you wrote:

>Hi Norm,


>As someone else here mentioned, Adobe Digital Editions works quite well

>with screen readers when reading ePub documents. You can usually press

>shift + tab from the content of the document and you will be placed in

>a table of contents. You can open the table of contents with the right

>arrow, navigate to the chapter/section you want, press enter, and then

>tab back into the content of the document, and you will be placed at

>the location you chose in the table of contents.


>Hope this helps.




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>Years ago, I used AMIS to read DAISY books on my PC. i had mistakenly

>assumed by now it would be upgraded to handle EPUB but apparently not.

>I know of windows software READHEAR by GH LLC and EasyReader by Dolphin

>but neiter is free for windows. (EasyReader has free apps for smart

>phones but so far as I understand not for windows.

>Can someone recomment a windows application that works OK with screen

>readers and will handle EPUB content?


>It seems to me it must be there but that I missed it somehow.




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