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Leyna Bencomo lbencomo at uccs.edu
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I agree with Dan...hot mess, linearize or reformat using column headers and one row per course name or whatever that is in the 3rd column.

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Another option is to transform it into a series of tables, using the first column as a CAPTION and/or Heading (i.e., not in the table grid itself) and add headers to the table columns.

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Someone has sent me a table, to ask for my help in making it accessible. I have a couple of ideas, but I would like to open this up to everybody here for help.

What would you do with a table like this?

Area A - Essential Skills

ENGL 1101

ENGL 1102

MATH 1113
MATH 2200

English (C&L)
English (L&C)
English (C&L)
English (L&C)
Mathematics AB/BC
Mathematics AB or
Mathematics BC

3 or 4
3 or 4
3, 4 or 5
4 or 5
3, 4 or 5

Area B - Institutional Option
* Information Technology

ITEC 1001

ITEC 1001 proficiency and
ITEC 2120 credit (or ITEC 2140 if an IT major)

Computer Science Principles

Computer Science A

3, 4 or 5

3, 4 or 5

The actual table is much longer, but you probably get the idea. And by the way, the original table has no headers.

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