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Hi David,

Yes, I plan on outreaching. I discovered that Vimeo acquired Livestream about a year ago. I'm reaching out the unit to find out more about why they posted a recording using this venue rather than regular Vimeo or other media platforms... I wasn't even aware this platform existed until it was brought to my attention for the access issues.



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Suggestion would be to contact their support team. I told them their player wasn’t accessible several months back and they agreed and said they are working on making it accessible.

We probably need numbers… sometimes it takes more than one or two people to change the culture at these types of companies. Let them know what you are experiencing and then hope they find the resources, within their company, required to make the changes to make their products accessible. Looks like 2014 was the last time they publicized their efforts regarding making their player accessible.

Philosophical question: Why do we, as higher education technology professionals, even bring an inaccessible player on to our web platforms? I suspect it is because we don’t know they are inaccessible if we don’t test them against WCAG and assistive technology. Plus, it is difficult, tedious, and frustrating work to try and change the awareness of developers. Also, it is difficult, tedious, and frustrating to try and change the awareness of any human.

It seems to me that the need for a11y awareness is still lagging. Ever improving but still lagging. What do we need to do to make a11y viral in the social media space?



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