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Karl and Sean,

Thank you very much for responding. Your response has definitely cleared things up for me. My understanding is if a developer follow the WCAG standards and WAI-ARIA best practice then there should not be any issues with contents when it comes to using different AT, such as JAWS and NVDA. Is this correct?

The reason brought this question to the community is due to a response I had received from a vendor. When I brought some code such as the one in the original attached image and invalid ARIA codes, they said they had to modify or engineer the code in order for it to work with JAWS specifically. I didn’t believe them to begin with, but it seems they were adamant about their coding practices.

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> On another question regarding grouping of radio buttons and checkboxes.

Karl has already answered the question, but I wanted to share out a few resources we have created for web developers in our system. We have (at this time) 16 short videos that describe various approaches to accessibility practices. Two of them may be relevant to your question about radio buttons, check boxes, and the fieldset element:

Checkboxes and Radio Buttons

Using the Fieldset and Legend Elements

Take care,

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