[Athen] Alternate format textbook sources

Joseph Polizzotto jpolizzotto at berkeley.edu
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Hi ATHEN List:

I have attached the "Sources of E-Text" table that was compiled previously
at the HTCTU.

I would also add to this list Internet Archive <https://archive.org/> , who
has recently launched a pilot program with AHEAD members to give students'
direct access to their holdings. See the following:

Internet Archive Pilot Project

For audio versions of public domain titles, also don't forget about LibriVoX
<https://librivox.org/> .



On Mon, Sep 3, 2018 at 12:46 PM Tristen Breitenfeldt (Wipro Ltd.) <
tristenbreitenfeldt at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi,

> While I was a student, I checked a couple different sources for accessible

> textbook formats before approaching the DRC at my college.

> I checked the following places:

> iBooks (from Apple)

> Kindle (from Amazon)

> BARD (from the National Library Service for the Blind)

> Audible.com

> BookShare


> These are all accessible sources for books. Sometimes my books were

> available and sometimes not. Sometimes I could get the right book in the

> wrong edition, which meant getting approval from my instructor.

> Yes, these are sources that Alternative Formats offices can also

> investigate, but I am a strong believer in encouraging students to exhaust

> the available options, doing some "leg work" on their own first. It is a

> little extra work for students to investigate these avenues on their own,

> but believe it or not having the ability to find my own accessible

> materials

> was extremely empowering and provided me with skills that have helped me in

> my career. I'm pretty sure that most students would feel similarly after

> finding their own books.

> I'm not saying that the Alt Formats office was unnecessary; quite the

> opposite in fact, because I frequently relied on them as my backup plan if

> I

> couldn't find the books I needed in an accessible format, or if I needed

> certain parts of a book in another format such as braille or tactile

> graphics. I also depended on the nudging and encouragement from my DRC

> counselor encouraging me to explore these other options, even when it was

> easier for me to get all my books from the Alt Formats office.


> Have a great day!


> Tristen Breitenfeldt

> Accessibility Tester/Trainer

> Wipro/Microsoft



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> Check CAST?s webpage on ?Digital Content & Media Sources? (part of their

> extensive AEM section) for other sources you might want to add to your

> list:



> http://aem.cast.org/navigating/digital-content-media-sources.html#.W4w63y2UV

> 0o

> <http://aem.cast.org/navigating/digital-content-media-sources.html#.W4w63y2UV0o>

> <

> http://aem.cast.org/navigating/digital-content-media-sources.html#.W4w63y2U

> V0o

> <http://aem.cast.org/navigating/digital-content-media-sources.html#.W4w63y2UV0o>

> >


> Best,

> Shelley


> _____________________________

> Shelley Haven ATP, RET

> Assistive Technology Consultant

> www.TechPotential.net




> On Aug 30, 2018, at 10:41 AM, Hegney, Shaun <

> Shaun.Hegney at sfcc.spokane.edu>

> wrote:


> Hello all,


> I am doing a little research as I am trying to find more sources for

> alternate format textbooks as it seems like our college is using less

> common

> or harder to get books. Especially as we add increasingly niche courses. I

> have been sourcing most of my books from Access Text, Book Share and

> publishers directly. I have also used the Louis Database (I have found a

> few

> braille books this way).


> If you have any other, sources please share your experience. In addition,

> I

> am interested in hearing if anyone has found a membership to the access

> text

> exchange worthwhile.


> Thanks,


> Shaun Hegney

> Program Specialist 2

> Disability Support Services

> Spokane Falls Community College

> (509)-533-3544

> Shaun.Hegney at sfcc.spokane.edu <mailto:Shaun.Hegney at sfcc.spokane.edu>



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