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Hi Robert:

BTW creating a PDF from an EPUB is simple with pandoc. Just type the
following into a terminal:

pandoc path/to/your_epub.epub -o path/to/your_pdf.pdf

Note: pandoc uses your LaTeX engine to create the PDF (e.g., pdfTEX,
xelatex, lualatex). This usually means that you will get a PDF with
bookmarks (for your headings) but no tags in the tags tree. On my limited
testing, however, I have gotten good results from using the "Add tags to
document" feature in Acrobat Pro to add tags to a PDF that was generated
via pandoc via my LaTex engine (pdfTEX). The heading hierarchy from the
original EPUB was recognized by Acrobat Pro. One downside is that the EPUB
page-list nav is lost and the LaTeX engine may automatically use its
default pagination style that will be at odds with the original EPUB.

I have attached an EPUB and a PDF I generated using the above method for
you to compare.



On Wed, Sep 5, 2018 at 8:20 AM Robert Spangler <rspangler1 at udayton.edu>

> Hello all, since I have not found a way to convert an epub to PDF, what is

> a good Epub reader? This is for a student with a learning disability, not

> someone who is blind. That being said however I myself would appreciate it

> if the suggested reader were accessible.


> Thanks,

> Robert



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