[Athen] Breaking Security in a PDF

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Yes, you do have the right and obligation to make educational materials accessible.

I would think that the publisher made a mistake by sending you a protected PDF. I suggest you recontact them and ask for an unprotected version.

Also, the DMCA makes it illegal to produce software intended for defeating DRM. The promotion of cracking tools is also a violation, but I am not a lawyer.

We have been working hard with publishers to make their publications born accessible, and we have seen many advances, and we still have a long way to go. Starting to crack protected content is not something we should promote.

I removed the link to the cracking software from the original post below.


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You have a legal right to crack the PDF to do what you need to do. My favorite cracker is this one:

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Hello, if I receive a secured PDF from a publisher, how can I circumvent this to be able to break it into chapters?


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