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Thank you Doug,I do like the Kurzweil 3000 model of licensing even though it is a subscription and requires internet access. It is more flexible to use with its Macintosh,  windows and web version support.To require chrome support only seems too restrictive.Kevin Price

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Don't have experience in implementation  in higher-ed per se but do provide some of their products to college-bound high school students with disabilities.
I'd provided many with the stand alone Co:writer for a few years till this year when they said that was no longer available to purchase.  Instead the product required use with a chrome extension or use with Office 365 and both setups require being connected to the Internet to function.  The student I provided it to is out in an area with spotty connection at times so I wasn't happy with the change.
It is bad enough when all these companies want us to buy into subscription models.  Requiring a connection to the Internet to function is likely the breaking point for me buying this product for future students.
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We are interested and looking into the following Don Johnston Products, Snap-Read, Quizbot for Google
Forms, and Co:Writer:Universal  to purchase.   I know Co:Writer goes a long way back but now it is using a Google extension with the Universal version. Does anyone have experience implementing the programs on a College/University Campus?    All of these appear to have dependency on installing within Chrome as an extension.If you have any experience using these products in higher education, please let me know.
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