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Noble,Stephen L. steve.noble at louisville.edu
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You can use Microsoft's native equation editor (without MathType) to insert equations into a PowerPoint presentation. These equations in PowerPoint use Office Math Markup Language (OMML), and since Microsoft Office has MathML input/output (via an XSL stylesheet), you can get MathML out. However, there's no AT that I know of that can do anything with equations of any kind in PowerPoint, other than NVDA when MathType and MathPlayer are installed on your computer. Central Access Reader does support OMML in Word, but not PowerPoint.

Hope that helps.

--Steve Noble

steve.noble at louisville.edu

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Good afternoon ATHEN,

Is anyone aware if it is possible to embed MathML into Microsoft Office (Power Point specifically) without using Mathtype (or similar)?

I admit I have not spend a ton of time googling this, but haven’t come across anything promising.

Thank you!

JASON VARNADO | Gonzaga University | Associate Director CSAS, Disability Access | P (509) 313-4034

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