[Athen] Vanishing CC button on some YouTube videos

Jess Thompson jess.thompson at sbctc.edu
Thu Sep 13 14:28:05 PDT 2018

Hi Doug,

Perhaps they've removed the auto-captions. I just tested that on my channel and the CC button disappears (closed captions show as 'off' in the Settings, however) if I don't have another caption file uploaded.

They may have realized the machine-generated captions are inaccurate, so opted to remove them entirely rather than fix them.



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A while back there were a number of us that were finding YouTube videos lacking the CC button and at that time it turned out to be a recent YouTube update broke things on their end.

Today we noticed a video lacked the CC button to toggle on/off captions and yet other videos on that same channel had CC button in the player along with either full on English captions or the auto-generated ones.

Is there a way that a channel owner can choose to turn off or remove the CC button? If so, where does one do that?

If not a channel owner choice, has anyone figured out why the CC button is sometimes absent?

Looking at my personal YouTube page I see one video I made as a mini-tutorial for a friend learning GarageBand software lacks a CC button but is mostly silent or showing tweaks of music. It has no spoken section to get swept up by automated speech recognition to create bad captions.

The video we were looking into here at UW does start with a bit of music only but does eventually have spoken English. Wondered if X-amount of music intro triggers the CC button to go away?

Anyone have some suggestions around this anomaly we can then take into a conversation with the channel owner?


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