[Athen] Hacking Learning Ally book

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
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It’s not possible to hack the audio, but if you have a Daisy player you should be able to copy it on to the player and loan that to the student. Most modern Daisy players play Learning ally or can be certified to play the books.

I personally find it difficult to deal with large books from Learning Ally on an iDEVICE anyway; a dedicated Daisy player works much, much better.

If the student is a visually or physically disabled U.S. citizen they can obtain the NLS Daisy player free from their regional library and that plays Learning ally books just fine.

If your student is LD it’s a good idea for your DSS department to have loaner players available for just this type of situation. Or the student can use Learning ally link on a Mac or PC.


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I think y’all know this one. I have a gigantic anthology on Learning Ally that my blind student has to read from. She “loves” Learning Ally but this particular book reads very slowly on her iPad. It is quite large and she is only required to read specific chapters. Is there anyway to hack into the audio and choose certain chapters? Its listed as “Classic Audio” rather than Daisy or anything I can decipher.

I’ve never had to do this. Suggestions?

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