[Athen] stolen chairs

David Wisniewski davew at brandeis.edu
Thu Sep 20 11:40:22 PDT 2018

Have you considered a Tile (or similar)? The downside is the expense is greater than RFID and battery life (one year) is an issue, but the upside is broadcast location via WiFi and Bluetooth. Depending on cost of chairs it might be worth pursuing (and you’d likely want to modify the chair to have the Tile embedded inside so it is neither noticeable nor easily removable. depending on chair design that might not be a problem to put under the underside cover).

Interested to hear solutions actually practiced ‘in the wild'

> On Sep 20, 2018, at 1:26 PM, Leyna Bencomo <lbencomo at uccs.edu> wrote:


> We are at our wits end with having our accommodation chairs getting moved and stolen from classrooms where they are needed. We are seriously considering getting an RFID system put in place and tagging each chair. If anyone is doing this, could you please reach out to me? Thank you so much.


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