[Athen] stolen chairs

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Leyna, all:

Thanks for posting this question. It's a frustrating issue for student and for us, and it is helpful to know that other campuses are experiencing similar issues. Some additional labeling (quarter sheet, laminated) with specifically where a table/chair belongs certainly has helped quite a bit, but not solved the issues. Chairs definitely get moved the most, but tables do get moved as well.

If anyone has tried Tiles, RFID, or other tech for this, please share. There used to be some products out there that had a transmitter/receiver pair (e.g. for laptops) and if the two were separated by a designated distance (e.g. 20ft), then the they would start to beep. One could go on the table and the other on the chair. I've found one product, but it looks like it doesn't work reliably.

Todd Schwanke

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> accommodation chairs getting moved and stolen from classrooms

Showing my ignorance. Curious. What are these chairs? Do they look or marked as special?
As a regular student/staff, would I know that if I move them, I need to return them, and why?

Jiatyan Chen

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