[Athen] Word to PDF "Enable Advanced Tagging"

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We stopped using that setting because it created microdot numbers before all
headings and paragraphs. A sighted person would see a small dot (or smushed
gnat) and some screen readers were voicing them as part of the content. Zoom
in 4000% and you can see letters and numbers, like 3FN56H.

They were annoying to see and hear. And we sometimes had some crazy tagging
coming out of MS Word with it.

No one on the current programming team could tell me what that setting was
for, nor how these microdot numbers would affect accessibility.

To us, it sounded like an idea that never got fully programmed; it's
definitely not a technology that's "ready for prime time" today so we
stopped clicking that setting when making PDFs from Office.

It would be very nice if they actually did something positive for users, but
right now, no. Nadda.

The option is only available if you're using Adobe's PDF Maker from an MS
Office application. The option isn't available in the export utilities from
Adobe's Creative Suite programs, such as InDesign.

--Bevi Chagnon

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Adobe suggests that you check this because it will eventually let someone
have access to formatting of text.that's the theory I've heard from Adobe
for years.

I always check it because I figure any additional help in converting to
tagged PDF is something I want to do.

Cheers, Karen

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Subject: [Athen] Word to PDF "Enable Advanced Tagging"

When creating a PDF from Word, there's an option to Enable Advanced Tagging
in addition to regular tags. Anyone know what this actually does and if it
matters whether it's checked or not?


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