[Athen] More Adobe Acrobat Accessibility Errors

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Yes, and in both instances the Adobe conversion tool from word is failing.

I used to be able to have the title of the document converted to PDF and have the initial view set to Document title but now, only the Microsoft conversion tool is doing both of these, the Adobe one is doing neither…forgot to mention that second part in my original post.

What is troubling is that things that used to be there when using the Adobe conversion tool like document title, initial view set to Document title and primary language are no longer there and I have to “fix” those things in the resulting PDF.

As I say, these are pretty basic.

Am also getting an error from PAC 3 because the Tag after the <Tags> is not <Document> but is <Sect> - again a regression and something pretty basic.

Cheers, Karen

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Regarding the document title; there are actually two parts to the "title" check in Acrobat; first that the title is specified, and secondly that in the document properties, under "initial view", its set to "show document title".

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