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We have "worked" with ATI on this before. I haven't found very much accessibility in their online exams. We tried to use WYNN and a couple of other text-to-speech apps, but none of them worked. ZoomText with the reader only worked on the instructions page and then nothing. JAWS and NVDA worked on some of the items, but not well nor consistently. We ended up using a live reader for that exam. Their only advice when asked about using a text to speech software with their exams was to "order the pencil/paper version". This was a few of years ago (2015), so things may have changed. That was the last exam for this student - she graduated. Since then, we have only had students with extended time and that is adjusted by the instructor - so no issues there. Every so often I have attempted other audio tech, but haven't found anything that works.

Please let me know if you find anything different.

Thank you,

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I am wondering if anyone has had a chance to evaluate ATI for accessibility recently? I believe there was an issue with their tests in an audio format. Has anyone had experience with that or come up with work arounds?


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