[Athen] Accommodations for Student Who Is Extremely Visually Impaired, Has Extreme Hearing Loss, Has Tremors, and Mobility Issues

Cassandra Tex clt3 at humboldt.edu
Thu Apr 25 07:47:13 PDT 2019

Hi All,

We have a student who is a Math & Physics major (in advanced Math and
Physics classes – not beginning the majors). He has many limitations that
include: extremely visually impaired (needs 3x-4x magnification); has
extreme hearing loss (reads lips only – but with his visual impairment, not
sure how much he can actually get from lip reading); has tremors, and uses
a motorized scooter/wheelchair. He does not read Braille or use ASL. We
are struggling with finding the right mix of accommodations that will meet
his needs in the classroom (both lecture-type setting as well as laboratory

Here is what we are doing thus far for classroom accommodations:

· Providing alternate formats (when he requests it. Oddly enough,
he has not requested his textbooks to be put into an alternate format at
this point). He does not use JAWS or Voice Over. He enlarges PDF files.

· He sits in the front of the class

· Wheelchair accessible, adjustable-height table (not adjustable on
the fly, but the legs are adjustable, and they are adjusted to the highest

· Provided a laptop and high-powered microphone for real-time
captioning (remote). We live in a rural area and do not have anyone local
who can provide real-time captioning.

· Provided a student (visual assistant) who uses a livescribe pen
to write what he/she sees on the board on livescribe paper and this is
transmitted to the student via Bluetooth to a tablet he is holding.
Admittedly, there is a lot for him to look at in class (the laptop for
captioning, the tablet for what is happening on the board, etc.)

· MAGic dongle for use in the computer labs

Here is what we are doing thus far for testing accommodations:

· Access to CCTV

· Access to computer with screen magnification software

· Access to large-print keyboard

· Access to alternate pointing device if necessary (because of the

· Access to MathType (which he uses at home)

He has his own personal iPad, and he is quite proficient at using this (to
get an idea of what kind of magnification and technology he uses). He does
not use voice over – just magnification and pinching to zoom.

As you can imagine, in the math classes (higher-level math), there is a lot
of white board (or in our case…chalk board – yes, I did say chalk board)

We want to be sure we are providing the best mix of accommodations for this
student. Are we missing something? Could we do better? Suggestions are
very much appreciated!

Side note: I have looked into the Luidia Smartmarkers (these things are
pretty cool!) https://www.luidia.com/smartmarker/. These may
assist/replace the student (visual) assistant, and get the student more
real-time access to what is happening on the board (rather than waiting for
the assistant to copy what is on the board). These are only for white
boards, and currently he is in classes with chalkboards only. We can
certainly look into getting portable whiteboards though.

Ideas and suggestions greatly appreciated!


Cassandra Tex

Assistive Technology Specialist

Humboldt State University

tex at humboldt.edu
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