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Along with blue light, you should be aware that there are a number of colored overlays that students with dyslexia and/or the controversial Irlen Syndrome use in order to read easier. Read & Write has a nice one that allows you to change the opacity as well as the color and a good number of my students with learning disabilities use this happily when shown that it is available. Some of my students who have a hard time focusing on the line of text also use the R&W masking tool to mask everything but the line they are reading to prevent their eyes from losing focus. That additional tool on R&W is called the spotlight tool. You can find other masking software using the terms: screen masking, visual overlay, screen tinting, color filter, and even Irlen filter.

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I use a free software app on my Windows computer. It's called PangoBright. As I have chronic migraines, I love it because I can set different color overlays, it will apply to all three of my monitors, and I can adjust the intensity based on percentage of darkness.

If the individual works on multiple devices, then the suggestion of getting glasses which have blue-filter in the lenses would be the most logical.

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If no computer based solution is found a user can wear blue blocking lens. Did that myself until iOS provided that as a feature.


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Hello, we have a student with post-concussion issues who requires a low blue light app on a computer, I guess to reduce eye strain. Can anyone provide any suggestions? I've never heard of such a thing, but being a blind guy myself I would never have had a need to seek out such an app in the past. Thanks for your suggestions!


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