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Debbie Krahmer dkrahmer at colgate.edu
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Seconding Nebo--MyScript's been at the handwriting-to-machine-readable-text
for decades, and they're really good, but it costs. (Minimum $300 for an
iPad, $100 for an iPencil, and $15 for the app. Or you need an android
tablet with an active stylus.)

It only works for materials written in Nebo, as well. Same with Notes
Plus--it does handwriting recognition, but only for text written in the
Notes Plus app ($7, it also uses the MyScript engine, but doesn't require
an active stylus). Many notes apps will do handwriting to text, but only
within the app and it can be hit-or-miss, like with the Google Handwriting
Input app.

I don't know of an app that'll take existing handwritten materials and
translate them to machine-readable.


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On Wed, Dec 18, 2019 at 11:06 AM Jiatyan Chen <jiatyan at stanford.edu> wrote:

> I use MyScript Nebo to write/edit on the iPad Pro. (Speak to Gonzalo

> Silverio at umich, who has seen me using it at AHG.) It will convert

> handwriting into text on the fly, and can edit the converted text by

> crossing it out and writing over it. Cons: high initial hardware

> investment.


> https://apps.apple.com/us/app/nebo-professional-note-taking/id1119601770


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