[Athen] JAWS inspect - what It is, and What it is not

Larry L. Lewis, Jr. llewis at paciellogroup.com
Mon Feb 4 13:03:16 PST 2019

Greetings folks:

I'm new to this list. My name is Larry Lewis, and I work for
<https://www.paciellogroup.com/> The Paciello Group. I've been in the
Assistive Technology/Accessibility space for over 25 years and know many of
you from different times in my career. I'm looking forward to learning from
many of you through your questions, announcements, perspectives, etc. It is
not my intent to monompolize this list from the standpoint of an
accessibility vendor, but due to a lot of traffic regarding JAWS Inspect. As
the person who is responsible for positioning this tool for TPG, allow me to
clarify what it is, and what it is not.
I3%2FJoM%3D&reserved=0> JAWS Inspect is a fantastic visual tool for
individuals who test web content for those who use the JAWS for Windows
screenreader. This tool visualizes Jaws output for a sighted tester or web
developer, associating transcripts of what the screenreader speaks with
corresponding screenshots and code snippets for testers and developers to
review. It's a one of a kind testing tool which demonstrates an immediate
impact on accessibility with rapid roll-out and minimal training. Check out
&sdata=tpWbXvpSd0EXe46ybt9b%2BPhaNv8PXpf0Hs5upesxiDg%3D&reserved=0> video of
the product in action! JAWS Inspect is also fully accessible for the vision
impaired user who wishes to use the tool and share results with other
sighted colleagues.

JAWS Inspect is a visual way to conduct manual screenreader testing. It is
not a compliance tool that automatically scans code, nor does it link any
identified usability defects to WCAG Criteria. It's just one of a number of
testing tools that makes manual testing of desktop web and PDF content much
more seamless and efficient for QA testers, developers, and project
managers. Please feel free to contact me off list using any of the details
below for more specific information. And, thank you for taking the time to
read this post.

Warmest Regards:

Larry L. Lewis, Jr.

Director of Government Sales and Strategic Partnerships

<https://www.paciellogroup.com/> The Paciello Group

<https://vispero.com/> A Vispero Company

<mailto:llewis at paciellogroup.com> E-Mail

Office Phone: +1 (216) 381-8107

Mobile Phone: +1 (216) 276-0699

Fax: +1 (216) 502-3353

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