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Personally, I get fewer OCR errors with ABBYY than I do with Adobe Acrobat
Pro, and it makes it easy to automate many routine tasks (especially in the
windows version). I've also had better success with low-quality scans (old
mimeograph items come to mind) doing OCR with ABBYY over Adobe Acrobat Pro.
I think the older ABBYY software works fine--we upgraded mostly because the
version we had didn't support Arabic (it's support of Arabic is still iffy,
but it's better than nothing). I'd leave it to others to speak about other
upsides of upgrading.

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On Wed, Feb 6, 2019 at 9:18 AM Robert Spangler <rspangler1 at udayton.edu>

> Hello, currently our student workers are using Adobe Acrobat Reader for

> splitting books into chapters and ABBYY for making any necessary edits.

> Most of the time we're just using Acrobat to split the book into chapters

> by printing each chapter to a separate PDF then running it through ABBYY

> for OCR.


> We have an old version of ABBYY, version 11. Would there be any benefits

> to upgrading to the latest version? Obviously it's newer, but are there

> any compelling reasons? Also, is there any reason to use ABBYY instead of

> Adobe Acrobat Pro, which some people in my office are asking for?


> Thanks for your feedback.


> Robert



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