[Athen] Accessibility of MATLAB for student with visual disability

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Hello Justin,

It has been a few years since I have worked with matlab, so I just have a thought. I assume you are looking at the Windows version of Matlab. The Macintosh and Lynux versions of Matlab use more of the standard operating system controls, so they will be more flexible. The last time I worked with Matlab an ZoomText, some functions of Matlab sent information to the display in such a way, that ZoomText could not display it. For example, graphs would not display if ZoomText was running. If ZoomText was not running, they would display just fine.

David Schwarte

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Have done some digging ... and haven't turned up anything all that helpful about the accessibility of MATLAB.

Here's the scenario ... I'm working with a student who is unable to see color, has extreme light sensitivity, and is on the bubble of being legally blind. They don't use any assistive technology (like ZoomText), as they are usually able to adjust screen brightness, invert colors and make text larger as necessary. Sadly, none of these typical adaptations work in the MATLAB environment.

Right now, their biggest concern is inverting the colors to offer greater contrast and the possibility of enlarging the font size / changing the font of text as it's entered. What advice would you offer for achieving these goals ... or is it even possible with MATLAB? I haven't personally tested it - but I've heard that, like changing the OS defaults, ZoomText can't do much with the MATLAB interface aside from magnification.

Any help would be greatly, greatly appreciated by this total MATLAB newb!

Thanks all,

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