[Athen] Questions about bookshare books with and without images

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Wed Feb 13 11:26:10 PST 2019

Every once in a while, I get a complaint that something a student found on Bookshare had no images.

There are things I know and things I do not. First what I do know:

A: Not all books are going to include images. Some publishers believe that if you want images, you can buy the book, and others include images and let Bookshare distribute them.
B: All books whether or not they include images can be downloaded without the images, which makes a much smaller file.
C: Not all Daisy readers display the images, but bookshare's web reader will.
D: If a book doesn't include images, the "Daisy with images" will not appear in the list of available formats.
E: If you unzip a Daisy with images book, the images are in a separate directory named "images".
F: An epub book is a zip file too, with a similar structure. A Windows user can rename the epub extension to zip, unzip the book and look for an images directory.
OK, now on to what I don't know:

1. Which Daisy readers do actually display images? Which other access technologies render the images?

2. If a user primarily works with a screen reader but wants to magnify the occasional image, what format is best for downloading the book and what access technology is best used for this purpose?

3. If the user primarily reads visually, which access technology works best for displaying the images in context?

4. If my user is on a mobile device, how can I help him find the right reading technology for displaying the images along with reading out loud?

5. Why is it that some books I download as Daisy that contain hundreds of images don't include the images if I download them as epub?

6. What else should I know about Bookshare and images?


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