[Athen] MathType and Screen Readers

Janet Fukuda jbf4811 at gmail.com
Wed Feb 13 14:08:15 PST 2019


I have a question for you. We are trying to create Word Documents using
MathType that are to be read by screen readers and we are facing a few
issues. The folks at WIRIS have said:

1. The JAWS and NVDA screen readers both work to read math content in
web pages (with equations in mathml), but JAWS doesn't read MathType
equations in Word/PowerPoint. Only NVDA screen reader with
MathPlayer/MathType will read MathType equations in Word/PowerPoint.
2. Voiceover does not yet read the math content (MathType equations).
Apple hasn't implemented the functionality for the reader to interpret them
at this time. In the past, we contacted Apple regarding the need for this,
but they don't have any immediate plans to integrate the feature. We don't
have a way to get it working with Voiceover.

What has been your experience? Any insights would be greatly appreciated.

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