[Athen] Question about using a magnifyer in the classroom

Deborah Armstrong armstrongdeborah at fhda.edu
Tue Feb 26 09:52:25 PST 2019

We are a community college. I have one low-vision student who can barely see the board in the first row, so we want to supply him with a video magnifier for the classroom.

Ours have a rotating camera to magnify either the board or the textbook. Many of my students love these magnifiers.

But the current student says it's too difficult to magnify both his handwriting and the whiteboard at the same time. Not having enough vision myself for it to be useful, I'm unsure if this kid is making excuses or it's a real problem. My other students tend to just snap pictures of the board and deal with those photos later, but this student says what's on the board is interactive and he needs to switch between writing, reading the board and reading the textbook in remedial math.
This student is resisting using any sort of low-vision aid, but he's getting to the point where one is necessary.

What suggestions do you have for coping with this kind of situation? How have students coped with the problem of magnifying both the board and their handwriting, for example?


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